Posted by: raesantos | June 10, 2016

Oregon Philippines Historama – A Celebration of Filipino Heritage

In 2015, FANHS held its symposium, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 4th wave, with CFAA biennial celebration on September 5 and a 3-month display at the Salem Multicultural Institute.
In 2016, Jimmy and Dory Lim of PACCO are bringing Philippines HISTORAMA to Oregon on October 29 to celebrate the Filipino American History Month. We are delighted to remember where the 4th “wavers” and other immigrants came from and the colorful history we left behind.  JOIN US IN THIS CELEBRATION!!!
This 2-1/2 hour song and dance show is a must-see for those who need and want to learn about Philippine history and the events that developed the multicultural value system brought by Filipino immigrants to America.
All proceeds from this event will benefit the building of the future Philippine Asian Cultural Center.
For tickets to the Philippines Historama slow on October 29th, 2016, visit


PH16_Flyer Revised w_OR6_8_

Download Flyer



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