In Memoriam

On September 5, 2016, we were saddened by the passing of Carmen Jayco Deona
Avecilla, a respected and well loved leader of FAAPV. Carmen is known for her
benevolence to the less fortunate and for her outreach to newcomers in the com-
munity. She is the valuable member who reminds everyone in her telephone list of
all events happening in the FAAPV.
NORMA UMALI ROXAS (December 10, 1934 – May 15, 2016)
An alumna of the Philippine Union College Academy (now Adventist University of the Philippines Academy) and finished her Nursing degree at the Bangkok Sanitarium & Hospital in Thailand.  Survived by her husband, Ephraim, children (Mario Emil & Paola), grandson (Emilio Andre, Jonathan Vincent & Ellen), granddaughters (Gwyn Maria, Tabitha Eva, & Mae Emilia), siblings (Dr. Filemon & Nancy Umali & Dr. Jose & Lucila Umali), and sister-in-law (Belle Umali).
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